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About Rassettica Testing Limited

Rassettica Testing Limited - Dave Dawson

Rassettica Testing Limited – Dave Dawson

Dave Dawson is a Research Associate for Dr. Adler. Dave has been involved with Dr. Adler and CEW Research for the past three years. Before that he conducted technical investigations in a number of different environments in relation to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference to broadcasting and radiocommunications.


  • B.A. (Acadia 1970) (music and psychology)
  • Graduate (NBCC 1974) (electronics engineering technology)
  • Dip Eng. (St. Mary’s 1979) (electrical engineering)
  • B. Sc. (St. Mary’s 1981) (physics)
  • B. Eng. (Carleton 2009) (communications engineering)

Work experience

  • 7 years technical investigation, inspection, frequency design, radar operations
  • 10 years standards / regulation / legislative development and technology transfer
  • 10 years management of above activities, recruiting technical people
  • 4 years R & D technical operations
  • Currently research associate to Dr. Andy Adler (Carleton University)
  • Head,  Testing and Forensic Examination for Rassettica Testing Limited
  • Co-author of several articles on testing of Conducted Energy Weapons


  • Co-author Test Procedure for Conducted Energy Weapons
  • Co-author Towards a Portable, Memory-efficient Test System for Conducted Energy Weapons
  • Co-author Towards a Test Standard for Conducted Energy Weapons
  • Presenter to 6th Symposium European Working Group Less Lethal Weapons

Dr. Adler’s very extensive biography, CV and publications can be found at

Dr. Adler is the principal author of the Test Protocol for Conducted Energy Weapons. Dr. Adler is also the principal and scientific expert in the biomedical literature review which Public Safety contracted to Carleton University.