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Testing CEWs

Every craftsman has respect for his tools. Police officers care for the weapons which are their vital tools in protecting the public (and themselves). A weapon in good working order can mean the difference between life and death for the police officer as well as for the public. Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW) are important tools used by officers. These weapons deliver a charge of electrical energy to a resisting subject either through gas-propelled barbs from a distance or direct contact of the weapon with the subject. The pulsating charge causes the skeletal muscles of the subject to “lock up” during the time the charge is applied. This allows the officer to secure the person without having to resort to lethal force protecting both the person in custody and the officer.

Until very recently, the importance of regular testing of Conducted Energy Weapons was not well understood. It was believed that the reliability of these electronic devices was very high, failure rates low and the snap, crackle and pop of a daily “spark test” was sufficient to indicate that the weapon was performing well. As with many pieces of equipment, this is not always the case.

Every piece of kit has a design lifetime and is subject to certain performance standards. Whether it is a ballistic weapon or a police vehicle or a protective vest, there is an understanding of how long it will last and how to ensure that it is performing well during its lifetime. The same is true for Conducted Energy Weapons.

Researchers from major testing labs in Canada have collaborated with police and engineers to develop an on-site Testing Protocol for Conducted Energy Weapons. The Test Protocol, independent of the manufacturer, will verify that the weapon meets the manufacturer’s performance specification. Police Services now have several choices of competent organizations to have their Conducted Energy Weapons tested in a consistent and transparent manner.

One of those choices is Rassettica Testing Limited who will come to the Police Service HQ and test the weapons on-site. There is no longer a need to send weapons out-of-town for testing and take them out of service for a long period of time. Rassettica can demonstrate at the time of testing whether or not the weapon is performing correctly. The testing procedure is documented for any legal challenges that may arise from use of the Taser.

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